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Diamond Dawgs

The DiamondDawgs Collection consists of 7,000 generative baseball characters, hand designed and drawn by professional baseball player Evan Mendoza of the St. Louis Cardinals organization.

This is more than just baseball characters, this is the evolution we are about to witness on how athletes are able to express themselves off the playing field. By joining us, you're not investing into some random project, you're helping build this positive movement.

Max 7 per transactionMake sure you have the required Eth in your wallet + a little extra for gas (reccomend 0.02 - 0.03)! Otherwise MetaMask wont pop up.


Swing it dawg!

Standard projects that solely have a roadmap isn't what we are going for here. Our community is built on a vision and a movement. We have big dreams and will continue to innovate our unique utilities, amazing artwork, and provide lifetime experiences found nowhere else on the market.

This is our obligation, along with our pledge to give back to charities and foundations in need. That being said, we do think it is vital to share with you a few ideas we have in mind:


20 Dawgs airdropped to random holders

$1000 per day (2 winners) giveaway for 15 days

Starting plans for Diamond Dawgs HQ

$20,000 donated to Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research

$20,000 in ETH giveaway to 20 holders

Location locked down for Diamond Dawgs HQ

$30,000 in ETH giveaway to 3 holders


VIP Access

Stadium Background

Access to a 1-on-1 stadium tour with Diamond Dawgs founder & St. Louis Cardinals player Evan Mendoza

Signature Series

Access to FREE Will Call Tickets to one of Evan's baseball games

Trait Swap

Own 2 Dawgs and trade attributes! Coming soon...

Long Term Goals

Promo Nights for MiLB Teams

Changing the team name, jerseys, and hats to the Dawgs for a night while selling merch in the team store

Diamond Dawgs HQ

Indoor Baseball Facility for the aspiring Baseball Player

Upgraded Characters

Enhanced Artwork

Collaborations with Pro Athletes

Community led navigation with sports figures from around the world


The Diamond Dawg NFTs are 7,000 computer generated, baseball inspired collectibles with over 175 hand crafted features by pro athlete and artist, Evan Mendoza. Each collectible contains unique traits inspired by his teammates, cities, teams, and his journey from Little League to the Pros.

Aside from the Dawgs, Evan has had a creative background most of his life. He enjoys photography (sports & timelapse), videography, storytellings, and much more. We are bringing together baseball fans and NFT collectors through the art of an actual player. This is your opportunity to get involved in this one-of-a-kind project and community!

meet the

Coaching Staff

Evan Mendoza

Artist/Athlete, Creator of the DiamondDawgs

I grew up not knowing how creative I really was. Having a desire to learn 3D softwares by myself in high school should have been a tell. It wasn't until my first 1/1 sold back in March of 2021 I felt my worth.

Along with feeling worthy, I also felt the power to translate the message of being more than an athlete in the NFT space. This is my WHY!






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